We are very proud of the service we provide for our customers. In fact, we see a client relationship drastically more personal than that of most agencies in our field. Our client relationships do not start at 9AM and end at 6PM—they stay with us to continually receive the quality service they deserve.
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I had a lot of web pages with high ranking search engine spot until Google changed its recent search engine algorithm. My competition in the plastics manufacturing market through Ohio was beating me out on every major search engine. I turned to Mana leads for help and they were able to provide assistance in building up new links/ high-quality content so that I could capture my top search engine spot again.
Gavin from Ohio
CEO & Founder
Our new bed-and-breakfast in Hawaii needed a new webpage so that we could start attracting new customers. With so many resorts on the island we really needed to showcase our facilities. Mana Leads is a company that gained lots of support for helping other businesses in the Honolulu Hawaii area and we loved working with them. Our site accomplished all of our goals and made our B&B look beautiful!
Tom from Hawaii
Digital Marketing Manager
I really wanted some custom e-mail templates and forms for following up with customers in my new dog walking business. Even though dog walking is somewhat of an informal business I wanted to treat it as a very professional service. Mana Leads helped me make a custom e-mail template and showed me a number of shortcuts that I could use to follow-up with clients and improve email contacts.
Suzy from Massachusetts
Dog Walking Owner
I was running marketing campaigns but I had no idea how to examine the analytics. A quick consultation with Mana Leads helped me learn more in an hour than I had learned in any of my college marketing classes. I can now use analytics from PPC campaigns and my website to create better content for my blog and it has really helped with ad revenues.
Steven from Oregon
Blog Writer
I needed to get my roofing business on the front page of Google so that I could start receiving some more business. The Orange County roofing business is one of the most competitive and I didn't think that it was possible to reach the front page of Google, let alone near the top of search engine results. Mana Leads made this possible for me.
Gabriel from California
Social media was something that was very new to our company. Many of the other boutique clothing stores in our area were using social media but Mana Leads laid out a system that we could use to showcase our new fashions and really start making up lies in our local area. Our social media campaign is now pulling in nearly as much business as our store front!
Becky from Washington
Digital Marketing Manager
Running a new restaurant can be very difficult especially with the ease of online review posting. I was really worried about reputation management for my new Greek restaurant so I hired the expert said Mana Leads. When I was training my new staff, I received a few poor reviews but I was able to analyze some of the negative materials and offset them with a positive review campaign for my happy customers!
Nick From Michican
I run a small jewelry company that does mostly online sales. I was having real trouble converting from my PPC campaigns  and I felt as though I was really starting to waste my money . Mana leads took charge of my PPC campaigns and before I knew it my conversion rates went through the roof. This digital marketing agency allowed me to save my business!
Jenny From Wisconsin
I had seen many SEO reports available online for a fee that I was not expecting a major company to deliver any type of assessment completely for free.  I saw the Free SEO consultation available on the Mana Leads website and it seemed almost too good to be true. I contacted them and was very surprised with the feedback that they offered up to me. As a Moving company in Texas we were able to understand what was holding our website back and how we could move forward to obtain better results with our content.
John from Texas
Digital Manager
I was not interested in pay per click advertising unless I was assured that it was going to work. I used up several introductory coupons for adwords and invest my own money with the help of Mana Leads. By working together we were able to create a highly functional advertisement campaign for my Furniture manufacturer in Vermont. With their help I could easily understand and optimize my PPC campaign to get the most out of my advertising budget.
Greg from Vermont
I was opening up a new bar in South Carolina and I really need to get the word out fast. A friend had told me about Mana Leads and I decided to use their service to help me with my local search engine strategy. Even with a new website I was able to establish a competitive presence online so that on opening day, people were well-informed and waiting outside to see the new space!
Reid from South Carolina
Founder & CEO
I finally went out on my own as a hairdresser and open my own salon. I had rented a chair for many years in Louisiana and I ended up opening my own salon up in Colorado. I needed to showcase my work and build a professional website. With the custom website design from Mana Leads the process was easy and I even had a system where customers could book online or prepay for certain complicated services like coloring and more online.
Denise From Colorado
Hair Salon Owner
I did not know what was holding my online presence back as I was trying to build a following for my organic supplement business. As I had no marketing experience I decided to trust the professionals and received an online presence assessment audit directly from Mana Leads. The staff at Mana leads was extremely supportive and helpful and with their assistance I was able to create a stronger page that converted much more sales.
Doug from Oregon
Founder & CEO
I really wanted to start an e-mail marketing campaign for my real estate business in Seattle. Although I regularly spent many hours a week e-mailing clients directly, I did not have an e-mail newsletter for my real estate firm or a way that I could connect with interested clients through automated e-mail responses. Mana Leads made easy for me to set up my e-mail marketing campaign and automated follow-up e-mails. Now my real estate business is doing better than ever.
Samantha from Washington
Real Estate Agent
I wanted to start using push notifications and mobile advertising for my storefront. I had an online catalog with a responsive design for my clothing products but I did not know where to start with offering mobile coupons and promotions to my customers. Mana Leads helped me sort things out the easy way and now I am able to offer proximity-based coupons as well as sms marketing and push notifications to my valued customers
Deb from New York
Store Owner