SEO Mistakes that Hurt Your Website Rankings

  • June 17, 2015
  • SEO

Most people strive to optimize their websites in the correct manner so that they can access the free and targeted traffic from the search engines. But while doing so, some people have failed to achieve any meaningful success at ranking their sites and getting the free traffic they desire. If you are one of them, here are some mistakes you could be doing that end up working against you-:

Your title tags and descriptions are not unique

This is probably the biggest mistake that the majority, despite Google and Bing laying so much emphasis on it. It includes-:

  • Using the same title on all the pages
  • Using the website name on all the other pages, except the home page
  • Using more than 65 characters for the title

Ideally, descriptions should be between 150 and 160 words and they should not be stuffed with the keywords and remain attractive and easy to read by the users. With a good description and unique title tags, you will have a higher CTR which might translate to higher conversions on your website.

Not Using the Social Media

If you think that the social media amounts to nothing when it comes to search engine optimization, then you are still living in the Stone Age. The social media has become a force to reckon with in traffic generation and now the search engines are also using it to gauge and rank websites. If you consistently share useful content in the social media, the content is likely to get more likes and shares.

This will not only get you quality back links to your websites, but the buzz created will catch the attention of the search engines who will then perceive your website as an authority and a trusted site. The result will be better rankings on the search engines and more traffic to your website.

Your website is not register with Bing and Google Webmaster Tools

If you haven’t registered your websites with Bing and Google webmaster tools, you can be compared to someone driving with the eyes closed. The tools are created to help you get more insights about the performance of your websites, and to which search engine optimization is included. Instead of trying to figure out on your own why you are not getting good traffic from the search engine, you can simply use the metrics provided by the webmaster tools and know what you need to tweak in order to enhance the performance of your websites in the search engines. Besides, using the tools does not cause a dime and there is no reason why you should not register your websites for them.

Lack of a consistent publishing plan

Quality, fresh, unique and regular content plays a huge role when it comes to search engine optimization. The search engines would like to see you post quality content on a consistent basis. But if you don’t have a consistent plan on how you are to post your blogs, you will definitely hurt your website rankings.

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