How to Increase Social Media Traffic

You hear every now and then how businesses, especially startups, are using the social media to increase their website traffic and you keep on wondering when you will ever experience the epic traffic from the social platforms. Well, there is no magic to this source of traffic and it is not a special preserve for a few. Anyone is free to get it. Here are some of the sure fire ways you could use to increase the amount of traffic you get to your website from the social media:

Use quality images in your posts

In as much as you need to post high quality, unique and actionable content, you must never overlook the importance of using quality images as well. You need to include relevant images that will spice up the posts and make them more visible to your audience. In this manner, you will attract a lot of people to your posts thus increasing the click through rate to your websites and ultimately increasing your social media traffic.

Post the right type of content

One of the reasons why you may not be getting a lot of social media traffic is that your posts are never targeted for your audience. In other words, you have been making all the wrong posts at all times. You need to have in mind that when you are using the social media for your business, you should desist from acting as if it is your personal account, where you can post just anything that comes into your mind. The posts you make should thus be highly targeted to your audience, and they should offer real value such that your followers will find it compelling to share it and click through to your website for more information.

Use social media tracking tools

Knowing your key metrics when targeting the social media for traffic is very important. You should be in a position to know how much traffic you are already getting from the platforms, the platforms sending you the most traffic as well as the type of content that is bringing you the best results. The only way to know about all these is to implement social media tracking tools in your website. In this manner, you will what is working well for you so that you scale it up and what is not bringing in the results so that you cut down your efforts on it.

Install a Social Sharing Plugin in your website or blog

When you install a social sharing plugin in your website, you give your site visitors a chance to share the content they like with their friends. This will make it possible for you to continue getting more people reading your content and coming back to your website.  You never know which of your content might go viral and bring in lots and lots of free traffic to your website. But if there is no option for your visitors to share your content, then you may miss out on the viral aspects of your contents and end up losing lots of traffic.

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