Avoid The Common SEO Misconceptions

  • April 17, 2016
  • SEO

If you are a beginner starting out in search engine optimization, you need to prepare yourself for a myriad of misconceptions, some of which might appear true and stop you from doing the right thing. Listed here are some of the common ones which you should not give a listening ear, since they will do nothing but misguide and stop you from getting the results you want:

Keyword Stuffing will boos rankings

Keyword stuffing worked well in the earlier days when people were still able to manipulate the search engines for better rankings. However, it no longer works and if you stuff keywords in your content, you not only risk getting lower rankings but you may be sandboxed and your site de-indexed, then you will never be able to appear on the search results again. Simply create quality content using the right keyword density for better results.

Keywords must be exact match

It is not true that you must use exact match keyword to get better results on the search engines. When creating content, your focus should be on pleasing the readers and not the search engine bots. This is the only way to provide value and quality which is highly desired for good rankings. Besides, search engines consider synonyms and phrases when trying to figure out what you content is all about and so if a keyword is exact match and it doesn’t make sense when used as is, then there is no need of trying to create meaningless content simply to please the search engines.

Social Media doesn’t affect website rankings

This is another misconception that many people have bought into. A few years ago, the social media wasn’t a big factor of consideration, but presently, it is very vital to incorporate the social media as part of your search engine optimization strategy. The reason behind this is that if you have an active following in the social media and your content is shared across the various platforms, it indicates that you are providing value to your followers and since search engine ranking is all about value to the users, you will be rewarded with better rankings due to the activities of your accounts on the social media.

The more the links the better the rankings

This is again very wrong. It is not true that the more inbound links you have, the better your search engine rankings will be. When it comes to link building, the emphasis is on the quality, rather than the quantity. A few links from trusted and high authority websites will be more valuable than millions of links for crappy and irrelevant sources. Besides, link building should be natural and the moment you try to throw lots of links on your website at the same, you may get flagged by the search engines and be penalized.

Be careful not to fall a victim of these myths and always stick to the guidelines provided by the search engines if you want to do search engines in the correct way.

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