5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Traffic

Search engine traffic is cherished by millions because it’s free and highly targeted. This is why business owners and webmasters are so concerned with search engine optimization that some resort to black hat methods in a bid to cheat the search engines into higher rankings. If you have been trying now and again to get this secret sauce to online success but you have never been lucky, here are some of things that might be jeopardizing your SEO efforts-:

Your website is not indexed

Your website will remain invisible to the search engines if it is not indexed. It is only after indexing that the bots and the spider will know about the existence of your website and come on a regular basis to crawl it and award relevant rankings. Getting your website indexed is however, simple since all you have to do is create an XML site map and submit your website to the search engines, especially the major ones like Google and Bing.

Your posts are not keyword focused

Keywords are the terms used by people when they are searching for stuff in the internet. When such searches are made, the search engines will show results depending on the relevancy of the content to the keywords used. Therefore, if you are making posts without giving any consideration to the keywords, then your web pages will never show on the search engine result pages. The remedy to this is to conduct a thorough keyword research and use the keywords in creating useful and informative content for your audiences.

Your posts are scanty

When search engines like Google bring back search results, they want to show the most relevant and useful results. If your posts are thin in the sense that they are short in length and do not provide any meaningful value to the searchers, you will never see the benefits of the search engine traffics. Ideally, the posts should be of reasonable length of at least 500 words and they should be packed with relevant value with regards to your keywords. If people keep on coming to your site then leaving immediately because they didn’t find your content valuable, this will be bad sign and the search engine might rank your website even lower.

Poor linking

Both internal and external linking is important if you desire to have admirable search engine traffic. Link building indicates relevance and authority of your website and if poorly done, the search engines will not reward with higher rankings. The best way to achieve great results with link building is to use white hat techniques by getting quality link juice from reputable and trusted blogs and websites within your niche.

Your content is not shareable

Activity in the social media indicates that you are providing your followers with quality content which they are happy to share with their friends. If, therefore, you produce content that can’t be shared, the search engine will take it that they are not of good value and in this manner, you won’t be rewarded with good search engine rankings.

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